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All the founder members of LCNC live, work and play in London, met in each other in London and love being here! London is vibrant in culture as well as history and offers a multitude of opportunities and possibilities.


As a leading player in world cities London should lead in integrated sustainable design and development. The Sustainable Development Strategy, 2005 defines sustainable development as...

  ...development that meets the social, economic, and environmental needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs and includes the application of the following five principles:

      1. living within environmental limits

      2. ensuring a strong healthy and just society

      3. achieving a sustainable economic

      4. promoting good governance

      5. using sound science responsibly


More than this living in an urban environment is the way forwards for a sustainable the future. People will need to use fewer resources, live more densely and be more self-reliant. If we are to preserve what is left of the natural world we must stop using it and using the urban space we have wisely.


LCNC's project is situated in the global movement of Ecological Cities. If you would like more information about this click here.


London Community Neighbourhood Co-operative Limited is Registered as a Co-operative Society with the FSA No 31888R.

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