Urban Agriculture




Urban Agriculture is not just an environmental initiative but also an act of community revitalisation

and collective efficacy, it is:


  “not just about food; it is first, and foremost about people and their relationship to their food

      and to their environment”    (Thibert 2012).


Growing, processing and distributing food locally is perhaps the most important movement of our time.


London is now recognised as a world leader in urban agriculture, with some 99,000 people involved in growing food in Capital Growth registered community gardens. London also boasts thousands more people who "grow their own" in public spaces, allotments, gardens, on balconies, windowsills and on rooftops. While looking for land for the project, LCNC has started a food hub, the Urban Sustainable Food Co-operative, with its first project being an urban agriculture project, Growing Otherwise...


Growing Otherwise

Currently, Growing Otherwise is a small project based at the Granville Centre in Kilburn with three raised beds, recycled plastic bottle towers and hanging baskets, growing vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. The project also includes wildlife habitats with an emphasis on recycling and repurposing materials in the garden. A registered Capital Growth space, we have received funding and training from Capital Growth. We also have continued consultation support available to us.


Growing Otherwise works with adults, young people and children and aims to deliver a broad based food education from seed to plate. Growing Otherwise envisions the scope of this project expanding with our increased knowledge, experience and when LCNC secures land. We will be utilising some of that space for producing food, fruit, nuts, herbs and vegetables, raising chickens for egg production and keeping bees for pollination and honey.


Growing Otherwiseweb3


On an ongoing basis Growing Otherwise will be providing training, apprenticeships and experience for staff and volunteers through hands-on practice in the different areas of the project. Growing Otherwise endeavours to have a strong connection with the Granville Community Kitchen, where possible supplying some produce such as vegetables, salads and soft fruit.



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