Multi Use Work Spaces

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Imagine a place where your work is fulfilling, where your creativity is valued and where you contribute to satisfying local need. LCNC hopes to create an environment where work is built on the idea of equitable pay, where workers have a real say in what they do and where the needs of the community and the individual come together.


We will do this by providing flexible work spaces, workshops, light industrial spaces for small business, social enterprises and community groups at fair rents. We will encourage business to focus on finding solutions to local need in an environmentally sustainable way.

We want a place where work is cooperative and built on democratic principles.


In accordance with the vision of the Ecological City, work should be local with the majority of  residents living within walking or cycling distance of their workplace, to minimise the need for motorised transport. Goods needed for work should be reduced, reused and recycled again, minimising the need for the movement of goods. An ecological city has a labour-intensive rather than a material, energy and water intensive economy, to maintain full employment and minimise material throughout.


Work, training for work and financial independence are at the heart of LCNC and will be part of the project in three central ways.


First, LCNC will give workshops and training as it grows and develops, bringing the project to fruition, passing skills and knowledge on to others. This has already started with members of LCNC regularly providing workshops about aspects of the project, including consensus decision making and how to set up a housing co-op. We have also provided building and carpentry training for volunteers on our small straw bale build.


Secondly, during and after the building of the project we will be creating apprenticeships and training people in sustainable building methods and maintenance.


Thirdly, once the community centre is established, each project within LCNC will train people in work-related skills. The communal areas will provide access to multi use work facilities, workshops and light industrial spaces, for individuals and businesses to have the opportunity to work locally.









London Community Neighbourhood Co-operative Limited is Registered as a Co-operative Society with the FSA No 31888R.

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