Local Mutual Fund - Finance Otherwise Ltd

Finance Otherwise Ltd

Finance Otherwise Ltd is a mutual aid fund. The fund has been created by members of The Otherwise Club and the project is being supported by London Rebuilding Society (LRS),

both financially and through training.DSC 1482 Finance Otherwise provides short term personal loans and eligibility for these is set out in our policy document.


Finance Otherwise is ‘not for profit’ and doesn’t charge interest on loans. We do have to charge small management fees, as we have to comply with data protection law and cover admin costs, including the cost of our lending licence.


Finance Otherwise will only lend money that it actually possesses. This is not the way that large private banks work. They effectively ‘create’ money with every loan they offer. This drives inflation and the ever increasing need for economic growth.

We aim to be part of a transition to a more localised economy based on a debt-free, finite money supply. We are working to build a supportive, responsible and sustainable community.

We encourage:

·      sharing of skills and resources

·      reducing consumption and negative environmental impact

·      becoming less dependent on processes which exploit people or natural resources

At a practical level we aim to:

·      enable microenterprise

·      provide financial literacy training

·      support sustainable livelihoods

·      provide resources for training and/or increasing awareness for sustainable practices

·      reduce liabilities

·      maximise profitability by minimising consumption of resources

·      rely on renewable resources


Finance Otherwise Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, company number 08152023.
Consumer Credit Licence number 652333     Registered office address 48 Waterloo Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 2NS




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