Intergenerational Rental Housing

To facilitate the housing part of LCNC a housing co-operative was formed: London Community Housing Co-operative (LCHC). Together with LCNC, LCHC intends to self build a straw bale apartment building in central London.

This housing will be self-contained, intergenerational and inclusive housing at fair rent levels for those who want to live in London in a different way: a way that both allows for privacy and fosters a sense of community. The tenants will be members of LCHC.

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The building will implement environmentally sound practices such as using ecological building materials, renewable energy sources and universal design principles to create lifelong homes. For more information about straw bale buildings click here and universal building principles click here.

Fair rents refer to rents set by disinterested parties that have many criteria in mind. The rents of LCHC will be decided using a wide range of evidence including average wages as well as rents in the area. Affordable housing with rents based on quality of life standards is at the core of LCHC.

As an intergenerational housing project one of the criteria for allocation of housing will be age and family situation. This will allow a diversity of individuals, groups and families to be resident.

As part of LCNC, members of LCHC can be part of the wider communal practice such as urban agriculture, food co-operative, shared meals and other activities which will foster social cohesion. This space offers services such as lifelong learning, work space and a mutual fund to enhance the quality of life of the residents as well as the wider community.




London Community Neighbourhood Co-operative Limited is Registered as a Co-operative Society with the FSA No 31888R.

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