Why Build with Straw Bales?

P1150483There are many sites on the internet that describe the numerous studies done on straw bale as a building material and showing the advantages to using it.

The benefits of building with straw bale include;


energy efficiency -  insulating properties keeping homes cool in summer and warm in winter both reducing cooling/heating costs and energy consumption


high levels of sound insulation


relatively cheap to buy compared to other building materials


able to be built and maintain by those with little  building skills


high environmental benefits including taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and storing it in the straw, reducing the need for environmentally damaging building materials, and environmentally sound to live in producing no polluting off gases.


A load bearing straw bale building requires much less wood and woodworking skills and is therefore cheaper, less damaging to the environment and easier for those not trained in building trades to build with.


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