Pilot Build

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During the summer  of 2012 we were inspired to build a small load bearing straw bale building in the back garden of one of our members. We saw this as an opportunity to gain experience in straw bale building and a chance to use and learn about this technology as well as create an office for LCNC.

Over twenty-five days, spread from June to October mostly on weekends, we got our office to a weatherproof stage, rendered on the outside.  We will continue working on monthly volunteer days through the winter and finish the roof garden, ramp and final touches in the spring of 2013.

The learning curve was almost vertical at times, a hard slog with lots of surprises (just like any building project). There’s no such thing as too much planning it seems! Please see our article about it here.
We’ve developed as a group, working with more intensity together on practical tasks in a way we haven’t before.
Hard work and intense it may have been, but it has also been a lot of fun, inspiring and uplifting...
AND we have a watertight building - constructed with our own hands!
Knowing that we have the skills and ability to build a shelter/home for ourselves has been a revelation for some of us.
We have learned and continue to learn an enormous amount about running projects, working as a team and straw bale building.

Have a look at a short film about the build here.

Have a look at photo gallery of the build here.



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