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LCNC is an ambitious project especially as it is based in central London. To achieve our ends, we are looking for financial help from a variety of sources including mortgage, donations and grants, co-operative loans, loanstock and share capital.

LCNC prides itself on putting our principles into practice. We have therefore created an ethical investment policy with these principles in mind. A summary of the policy is below. The full policy can be seen here.


If you would like to know more about investment or have any questions please contact LCNC through the contact form on the home page.

Summary Ethical Investment Policy

We will endeavour to work with companies and trading partners who share our values.


In assessing our business activities we will uphold the human rights of all. We will only work and trade with organisations and individuals who respect all, regardless of religion and beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic heritage, abilities, immigration status, class and age.


We will endeavour to work with companies and trading partners whose principles are compatable with the co-oparative principles and democractic values as well as with the principles behind social, environmental and finaincial sustainability and  who proactively challenge all forms of discrimination.


In all our involvements and interactions with external institutions, companies, banks etc, including:

investments, trading and financial activities, acceptance of loans, grants and donations, employing contractors and hiring services we will not support, actively promote, practice or benefit from:

  • involvement in the nuclear power industry
  • manufacture or use of GMOs in the food chain
  • manufacture or trade of military equipment.


We will try to avoid and minimise our trading with companies that benefit from:

  • extraction and production of fossil fuels
  • manufacture of tobacco products
  • involvement in animal testing for medical purposes
  • manufacture of polluting chemicals involvement in unsustainable forestry, timber trade and agriculture.
  • involvement in exploitative and oppressive sexual representations of men, women, children, and animals
  • involvement in any form of environmental degradation
  • exploitative working conditions.
  • You can see the full policy along with our other policies in the 'Policies' Section of the website or click here.


London Community Neighbourhood Co-operative Limited is Registered as a Co-operative Society with the FSA No 31888R.

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